Life in America taught me..

Its 8:57pm on this beautiful Thursday night and I just came back from working out. Today I did pole, I love pole fitness. If you do not know what it is, google it, it is fun! A lot of people think pole fitness is dancing like a stripper but it is very far from that. … Continue reading Life in America taught me..


Trauma is a severly stressful and unpleasant experience a person goes through.It could be emotional, mental or physical. Many people have different ways of dealing with Trauma. In most countries, like mine, trauma is not talked about. I think thats horrible! We have ALL gone through experiences in life that are not just stressful but … Continue reading Trauma


Tuesday has come upon us humans! Another Tuesday another dollar eh? FYI: I only blog Monday thru Thursday for now. I am learning to balance married life and its demands, a very awesome but demanding career, my business, blog, podcast called christianity on my level ( AND remembering to breathe 🙂 BUT I believe God … Continue reading HOW TO CHOOSE A MAJOR


Yes yes, I know I missed yesterday's college feature. Usually I try to do this on Wednesdays, but I was still researching this school. However, today we are back on track! I feel like Park University is one of those schools you ask yourself, "how come I never heard about this?" It is not just … Continue reading COLLEGE FEATURE: PARK UNIVERSITY


Dear Migrant, I know things are not quite shaping out the way you expected. Some challenges have scared you straight to the core. You have doubted yourself and even questioned your best efforts and intentions. Things are not adding up the way they should. You do not know where your next help is coming from. … Continue reading IT COULD BE WORSE