plan 3
HEYYYY y’alll!!
  What’s good?! sooo we are sitting pretty in 2017.  Seems like I looked up and we are already in March, time goes by so fast! so tell me, how is your year going so far? Hope good things are happening for you? By the way! Remember the new year resolutions you made? How are those going?
 To be honest I am NOT a new year resolution kind of person. I always forget what my resolutions were and half of the time I don’t believe they will actually work, so I gave up on making resolutions. I do MUCH better setting goals. Any who, I wanted to share with you some 2017 goals. I think it they are applicable to us all as migrants, immigrants or refugees.  Living in the USA is an amazing privilege but let’s not get carried away, we still need a plan in place to be successful…… *drum roll please* #migrantgoals, lets begin!
     Look, quite frankly with everything that is going on around us politically, we need to make sure we have our options open.  Do you have a plan for 2017 or are you just going along with the flow? If you don’t have a plan yet I encourage you to make one. Why? having a plan helps you manage your time, emotions and resources wisely. You don’t have the time to be doing everything, hanging out with everyone. Be intentional. You have to make sure the things you find yourself doing align with your end goal for the year (and your life).  We must remember that as migrants, we have to work smarter and harder to achieve the American dream. We can’t live our lives following the plans other people (who don’t understand our struggle) create. Fail to plan, plan to fail.
 plan 4
 Don’t just make plan a, there are 26 alphabets, use them all! You live long enough to know that life doesn’t always work with your plan a. It is almost as if life laughs at you when you make a plan. Now, because we are smart we make plans b-z. Its kind of like making plan A with various modifications. Remember the end goal is to get to your final destination. Your final destination could be getting into college, getting a job, starting a business, making better friends. There are many ways to get to that goal, If one way doesn’t lead you there, try another.
  Now that you are out of your home country, you might have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. What am saying is that now that your in a new system, you might have to take  some jobs you previously might have turned your nose at because you felt you were too good, or take jobs that did not pay you as much as you wanted. You might have to break your routine of going to bed at 9pm if you have to work night shifts. It’s always good to make a plan but also make sure you leave room for flexibility.
    As migrants depending on what your status is in the United States (or what ever country you are in) the laws are not the same for everyone. Often times migrants come (naively)  expecting the laws of the land to work for them the same way it works for the citizens. Does not happen. So for example, if you are a student  in America hopefully you have a plan or at least you have started thinking about how you will use your education to your advantage whether it is going back home (if you are F1), planning to stay here, getting a job (that will file for you H1-B) or starting a business. You will not be a student forever, You have to start thinking about what happens after college (because trust me it goes by FAST)
To be continued….

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