Community vs 4 year college

If you are a potential  freshman on F1 visa, thinking about  studying in the USA, you may or may not have heard about community colleges. You may or may not even know they exist. Also you be skeptical about if these community colleges are actually “good” compared to the regular 4 year colleges.

A community college is often referred to as a “junior college” where you can obtain your Associates degree. An Associates degree is a 2 year degree. An Associates degree is accepted by most employers ( depends on your major i.e. area of study). Most times community colleges are used as launching pads to a 4 year Bachelors degree program. It defers from place to place but a Bachelors degree holds more value than an Associate’s degree.

What can you study in a community college?

Most community colleges offer a variety of subjects and majors. Such as CNA classes, Art classes, Science and Social Science classes.

Why should I go to a community college?

While community colleges are much smaller than a regular 4 year division 1 school like my alma mater , University of Missouri, they (community colleges) have a lot to offer:

  1. Lower cost: To be honest, it is MUCH cheaper for you to take your prerequisites at a community college than at a regular college. A community college will only charge you  up to half the cost of what a regular 4 year college will charge you for these classes. Prerequisites are the classes every college student has to take. they include: English, Math, Humanities and Biology.
  2. Easier to get admission: It is much easier to get admission into a community college than it is in some 4 year colleges. You could potentially use the classes you take from the community colleges to boost your chances of getting into a  4 year collegecollege 2
  3. Small/ intimate setting: If you are uncomfortable with big classes, a good way to prepare yourself for that is to start at a community college. Also since the classes are smaller you get more time with your professor and bond with your class mates.
  4.  Helps with adjusting to the culture: When you arrive America for the first time, it is a bit overwhelming to assimilate to the culture. A good place to start small and not feel so stressed or overwhelmed is at a community college. This also good because you may not know exactly what you want to major in, this can help open your eyes to many occupations.
  5. Transferable credits: The best part? Once you take all your prerequisites (for half the cost) you can always transfer to and graduate from a division 1 school.
  6. Americans do it too: if you are still a little bit skeptical know that community colleges are not just for international students but Americans too. A lot of Americans attend community colleges to save cost and also use that time to decide their career path.

Hope you found these tips useful and informative. If you want to  study in America, you do not have to break your bank or think it is impossible. To find more information please visit this link below



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