5 ways to adjust to the American culture

Whether you are a migrant, immigrant or refugee in American, you know that sometimes you stick out like a sore thumb. Everything from your accent to your looks. Quite frankly there is nothing wrong with sticking out but sometimes it can make you feel sensitive or even insecure. Here are some tips to help you adjust:

  1. Realize it’s going to be a process : Adjusting to the systems and culture in American is going to take a while. DO NOT rush the process, allow yourself to make mistakes. Be smart but not hard on yourself. Laugh at yourself sometimes, marvel at the difference in cultures but do not put extra pressure on yourself by trying to get it all at once.
  2. You may never fit in : And you MUST be okay with that. 100%. you may never get an American accent or like American food or music. Adjusting doesn’t mean adopting.
  3. Stop trying so hard: Quit the fake accent, quit the spending an arm and a leg to buy expensive things to look “American.” It honestly is ridiculous and makes you look ridiculous, let the change and adjustment come naturally.
  4. Always love yourself : REMEMBER who you were before you moved to America, you have to love ALL of you. Celebrate ALL of you. Your skin, your accent, your language, your body shape and type. Your ethnicity is beautiful! Don’t be so desperate to adjust that you forget, insult and look down on your person.
  5. Embrace other cultures: Meet other people from different cultures, mingle. Don’t expect them to have it altogether when you don’t have it altogether. You may have more in common with someone from another culture than you  realize. So get out of your comfort zone. After all, America is a melting pot of many cultures.

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