Good affordable colleges for international students

Thinking about coming to the United States to further your education? whether it be for your Master’s or undergrad, this information can be useful to you. Today these 3 schools are being featured. enjoy:

  1. Berea College: Love,Love! all that this school stands for. Berea college is all about giving back. Berea college gives 100% of its  enrolled students 100% free tuition! yes! you read it right!! FREE!!  read more on their website:
  2. University of Missouri (MIZZOU): This is NOT free. okay so this is like the shameless plug. But you guys I reallly loved my school. I transferred into MIZZOU my 2nd year (sophomore year) of college and it was like the best experience for me. The teachers are great! they have an amazing Journalism school and they bring out the best in their students. They  give pretty good scholarships and fellowships :
  3. Emporia State University: This is not a big school like  MIZZOU, but a good school none the less. I have spoken to a lot of people from this school who just LOVE it. This school is cheaper than most of the bigger schools. Emporia State University is also very well-known for its nursing  program:


Stay tuned for more schools to be featured! If you have any schools you will like us to add, feel free to let us know.



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