Gap year

The question is “to gap or not to gap?” Am sure you are thinking gap what? Well, some people call it gap year some call it block year. The year  break between when you graduate from high school or secondary school and start college or university.

Not everyone takes a block or gap year. Some people just go straight to college. Other’s take a gap year for many reasons: to raise enough money for tuition, to decide what the want to study and others to work.

Here is why I advocate for gap year

1) Take the time off to Know yourself

College is different from high school. Your friends are about to change and things that you think are important will change too. Use the year off to know who you are, know what you want without peer pressure and the expectations people set for you. Build a strong relationship with yourself.

2) Work

Work! the best thing you can do for yourself is to work. Especially if you get a job in your potential field of study.The job doesnt have to be paid (if it’s  paid,great!) but having a job experience on your resume, will help you once you graduate college because most jobs want to see that you have work experience.

3) Save

If you are working or you are getting some money from your parents,save! Save for the “rainy day” .Have some savings on the side so you don’t have to eat ramen every day in college.

4) Ask about other people’s experiences

Learn to avoid the mistakes other’s made. Ask your mates,parents,mentors,(or even us on the blog 😊) about the college experience . You can prevent yourself from a lot of stress and pain by learning from others.

5) Set a plan in place

Once you know the mistakes to avoid, have saved some money and most importantly know what you want out of life and out of college, it’s time to set a plan. Plan your life backwards with the end goal as the starting point.  It will help guide you. It will show what you need to be doing in the present to get to your end goal.



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