President Trump vs Migrants

Most of you already know that Mr. Trump is the current president of the USA. A lot of people have mixed reviews about him. There are some who praise him for his character and attitude while others are not pleased by such traits. The truth of the matter is that whatever he decides, affects all migrants. Affects the ability to come in and out of the country and also the possibility of getting residence, conducting business and even getting funding from America.

The recent travel ban by President Trump met a lot of friction and resistance. However, I think there are some key valuable things migrants can learn from this experience


This is common sense. I know living in America can be EXTREMELY difficult.  Illegal activities are the shortest way to be successful. Most of the people promoting these illegal activities are the rich and power Americans themselves. I get it, I know that temptation.  What I want to ask you is this: is it worth it? You have to realize, they just want to use you. They don’t care about you or your future. Think.

The new system of government is not very welcoming to outsiders, why will you want to make your stay more difficult? Furthermore, think about how the consequences of your actions will affect other migrants. Why ruin it for everybody else? Know that there’s always a positive way to handle EVERYTHING.


Be smart and stay alert,very important. We need to stay “woke”. Know your rights, know what you can and can not do. PLEASE check out this link, it provides information your rights:

Do not let anyone tell you, you do not belong here. America belongs originally to the native Americans. They were mostly killed off and mistreated by settlers who came here. This was not the home of the settler’s. They took it forcefully.What is my point?  We ALL are migrants or the descendants of  migrants (except native Americans). Some were forcefully brought here by slavery and others came to take from the land. Do not let anyone make you feel insecure about yourself or your status.

P.S : learn the history of America.


Things in the news will cause you to entertain fear. What does fear do? it paralyzes you. It stops you from making future plans. It stops you from enjoying and living in the moment. If you know your rights, if you stay out of trouble, if you are vigilant, you are already on the right path, There is nothing to fear. Do not be paranoid or anxious, enjoy life while you can. Finally, look out for other migrants that you know.

” I am not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister”- Iyanla Vanzant


Have you thought about your options if you were asked to leave the USA? Do you have a back-up plan just incase the funding you are receiving from the government program stops? The scholarship that funds your education stops? or the company that promised to file you a H1B visa,  can not anymore because the government changed rules on hiring migrants?

Under this new administration, a lot of changes are being made anything from health care to funding.If you have not started thinking about your options. Now will be the best time.


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