It is  very common for migrants to attend an American college they have never visited.   Some later find out they  dislike the school. However, not to seem like a “failure”  most migrants stay in the school and are completely miserable.
 After my freshman year at my first college,  I had a STRONG dislike for the school.
 Okay so this is how it all went down. My first school  was more catered towards engineers and pre-meds (pre-medicine) which was fine because I was, at one-point in my life on the pre-med track ( *rolling eyes* that’s  a story for another day. If you want to know, ask).
My problem with the school was that it was “too stiff”. It wasn’t that the school was boring per say. The school lacked spirit and oneness.  To be truthful: the education was good, some teachers were nice and my academic advisor was terrible. I am of the opinion that there should be more to a school than just education. There should be access to opportunities, scholarships, jobs and social events.
I panicked!  because you seldom hear about international students changing schools or majors. I was about to do both. I felt like I had a “problem” because I was going away from the norm.
  The biggest problem: How do I tell my parents, who had paid $30000 for my education,  that I didn’t like the school. A brief introduction to my parents. They are no-nonsense, if you say you are going to do something you better do it. Not just do it, but do it with excellence.  So here I am unhappy with my school, terrified to tell my parents and unsure of what direction my life was going.
    Super fast-forward, I finally found a college I LOVED and graduated from there. If you are stuck in a school you hate try these:
1) LOOK FOR ANOTHER SCHOOL: If you can, do it! you deserve to be happy. Find other schools, majors, programs. Find ways to transfer your scholarship if possible or get a different one at your new school, Do not just stay there and be miserable.
2) DO NOT BE SCARED OF CHANGE: Change is inevitable right? so what are you afraid of? hey! if you moved to America and left your home country, trust me! you can handle another move. You will make new friends!
3) DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR NOT LIKING THE SCHOOL(S): Just because a school doesn’t suit your personality and needs does not mean you have a problem. If you are saying a lot of money, you deserve to get what you want. It is okay to want something different.
4) DO NOT OVER THINK IT: Over thinking causes fear and that makes you back out like a chicken. do not do that!
5) YOUR PARENTS:  My parents had a TOUGH time allowing me move schools.They were upset and worried about me. I respected them even though we didn’t agree on the topic in that moment, eventually they came around. Give them time, they will come around.
 please do share your experience I would love to read it 🙂 t

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