It is Monday and I am exhausted! Lol the week just started smh. Nyways! let’s continue our college conversations, shall we?

Applying  for college  is overwhelming. Finding a college you actually like makes your work double! But like I said before in HELP! I HATE MY COLLEGE, If you are going to pay for  college, you might as well pay for what you like. I shared with you guys my first college experience. Finding the right college can and will affect your academic performance and American experience. Like it did mine.

My advice? (yes I know you didn’t ask for it,but am going to give it


I know you are probably like “duh Jamimah”.  Chill, hear me out.I am talking beyond  researching what majors they have. Look into their student life website, read what other students have to stay about the school. Look at their student organizations, what they represent and offer. Look up professors from the college on check out what students’, past and present are saying about their professors.  Check the ethnicity and cultural diversity on the school’s stats page.Check the crime rate in that area/city at Learn a little bit about the history of the school and of course if you can, take a virtual tour of the campus!


So listen, before you decide to attend a school make contacts. At this point they want you, you have power. Send emails or make phone calls to the school recruiter,  academic advisor or international students advisor. Ask them all your questions regarding the school. Questions ranging from program of study to visa status concerns. If they do not know the answer, they will direct you to someone who does. For future reference, that’s a way to build your network before even starting college.

If the school does not offer, you should ask the international advisor to put you in contact with someone from your country at that school. That person can help give you advice and perspective.


Am a  lively person but I also like calm, peace and quiet.For me, a school in the middle of huge “party” city may not work. I will find it hard to concentrate,and will fail. Also, I like both big classes (>500 students) and small classes(<30 students). Same with online classes. They work for me! I have no preference on whether in class or online. If I have a preference, I will lean towards attending schools with my preferred class size or teaching style. Know yourself enough to examine if what a school offers you in terms of location,education,class size,exposure, cost of living etc, will work for you.



Enjoy the college search!


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