I never really thought about all the things I was giving up to move to America. I don’t think I fully understood and processed the choice I was making. I was just ready to start school and life, finally a grown up! (being a grown up is seriously overrated)  I came up with a list of  things I gave up and miss:


As a teenager freedom is all you can think about. Just wanting to move out of your parents house and have your own space. What you don’t think about is the lonely  homesick days. You don’t think about the times when you just want your parents hug and understanding. You do not think about the times you will need them to give you guidance and instruction. You don’t think of the days when you will fall ill and your mom’s ‘pepper soup’ will put you in a good mood. The little things, you later find out are the big things you miss the most.


I was fortunate enough to grow up with a driver. In America, unless your like a celebrity millionaire or something, you will be driving yourself everywhere! I miss the days when I had someone to take me around while I just “chill.” I never pumped my own gas at the gas station! we had gas attendants who did that for you. I actually never had to worry about even paying for gas! Now all I do is compare gas!




Oh what I will give to come home daily to hot meals I did not have to cook! back then I took it for granted. To have someone go do groceries, put away the groceries and cook the meal of my choice. That sounds like mini heaven right now.

However my reality is this: I have to crack my brain for the menu of the week then, either myself or my husband does the groceries. At some point I finally get the courage and strength to cook. Most times after returning from work,exhausted.

In my country the housekeeper can also do the job of a cook. Having someone to clean the house daily, mop,sweep, organize, do dishes, I can’t believe I gave that up!



This past week I probably ate out 4 times. That is way too much! Going out to eat at restaurants doesn’t only drain your wallet but also the added salt and sugar in everything and the not so healthy menu sometimes also drains your abs. (I miss my abs).Back home we did not go out to eat often and most of our meals had tons of fruits and vegetables in them.


In my country we don’t insure anything. NO health insurance, No car insurance, No renter’s insurance, No eye,nose,teeth or leg insurance. The point is you kept your money! Also you pay the same hospital bill as everyone, you don’t pay more because you have a “pre-existing” condition.

Plus my uncle was a doctor and owned a hospital, so I did not need to make appointments (no one really made appointments). I just walked in the hospital. I remember  how going to see the doctor  always ended up as a family visit.  If my parents went with me, a 5 minute visit will end up a 30 minute visit. Not in America though, the doctor barely sees you for 5 minutes, even when you make an appointment!


My country is very communical. We check on one another, we visit one another( no need to call before coming), we look out for each other. In America, there is no open door policy, you have to call or schedule your visit to a “friend’s” house, communities are very structured and planned.


What do you guys miss the most about your countries?



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