I am SO excited to feature this college! I have heard really good things and I can personally say their staff is very nice and accommodating. Just reading what they have to offer makes me almost want to go back to college. (I said almost)

Baker University is located in Baldwin City in the peaceful state of Kansas, USA. It is a private christian university, affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Even though it is located in a quiet town, the school campus is very modern and lively. Everything you need is within close proximity and the school spirit is celebrated.

Baker University offers a plethora of majors which you can find here However, I will be highlighting  a few  I believe will interest readers who have requested a college feature.


Baker University is very proud of it’s business department. The school of business is known for it’s high standard and intensity. In 2016 it received it’s distinction from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.  Majors in this department include: Business, International Business, Sports Administration, Accounting and Economics. They also offer 3 concentrations in their program: finance, marketing, and management.

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This year,Baker University is excited to be launching their 3+3 program in collaboration with  Cleveland University (Kansas City’s chiropractic School). Just wait until you read the perks:

* Enable students join the work force earlier

*Students build relationships with the professors

*Students  feel more confident and supported

*Program reduces overall cost of education:

*Early graduation: Doctor of Chiropractic Science is reduced to 6  from 7 years.

More information here:


A very popular major for international students is Biology. Biology is a great major for those desiring  to attend medical or dental school. However, Baker University offers more.Biology majors have a choice of four tracks: molecular bioscience, vertebrate structure and function, ecology and evolution, and certification to teach biology at the secondary level.

Students can choose to partake in original research, summer research and health-care observations. Student also have the option of  working in natural areas such as the Wetlands and Arboretum. The Baker Wetlands and Discovery Center attracts  student biologists, ecologists, biochemists, and pre health professionals.

Additionally Baker University can boast that it’s biology students are accepted into dental school at a 100% rate and into medical school at an 87% rate. Pretty awesome!

Read more here:

Well, If you haven’t checked Baker University out yet, what exactly are you waiting for?! BTW their website is awesome sauce!



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