How to implement your goals

It’s Friday you guys!! I am so ready for this weekend. The weather is beautiful! i just ate 1.5 bagels (terrible, I know) but I am feeling great. Hope you are too?. Also do not forget this Sunday (May 14th 2017) is Mother’s day. Please take the time  to let your mothers, aunts, mentors, friends and single dads know how much you love and appreciate them. They sacrifice so much for us!. So, Dr Hon (Mrs) Rakiya Shonekan, I love you! thank you for being a great mother and thank you for your love and discipline.

Today’s blog is dedicated to blog reader, Vivian.  After reading  #MIGRANT GOALS, Vivian wants tips on how to implement her goals. Thanks Vivian for your question and I will do my best to assist you.

Implementing anything you desire has to start in the mind. Your mind is so powerful. The battle on whether you succeed or fail, starts there. So let us get to it:

1. Set & believe in your goals: Be realistic and honest with yourself. Do not use other people’s goals as your map. Create goals tailored just for you. Do not be ashamed to start with baby steps. Also, do not bother setting goals if you don’t believe in them. Faith in your goal is just as important as the goal itself.

It may also help to set short terms goals to serve as motivation and encouragement for your long term goals. A short term goal could be something as simple as making a ‘To do’ list or getting 2 things achieved on your ‘To do’ list. It doesn’t have to be something intense or complex.

2.  Do the work: It is nice to set goals but the really difference starts when you do the work. It is not going to be pretty or easy, but nothing good comes easy. Sometimes you may not know what kind of work is required or where to even begin. Then research, talk to people, read books, watch tapes/dvds/documentaries etc.

3. Respect yourself: No idea of yours is stupid, silly, impossible or insignificant. Treat yourself and your ideas with respect! You may just be the next big thing.

4. Do not give up:  Life has several hammers waiting to knock the breath out of you. But you never get anywhere by giving up. If it was easy everyone will be doing it. You are worth fighting for and so are your goals. Do not be afraid of a couple “No’s” because your “YES” is around the corner.

5. Get uncomfortable: ‘Uncomfortable’ is going to be your new normal. Enjoy and embrace it. Nothing excellent comes from your comfort zone. You never know how much potential you have until you get out of your comfort zone.

6. Create your definition of success:  Be very clear on the outcome you want. Celebrate the little things. Be determined, learn from your mistakes and laugh a lot. Remember life is not a competition, it is a journey!


See y’all on Monday 🙂 🙂 🙂


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