I love when my morning starts with good news!!

Yes you read the title right! Immigration sponsorship for F1 and/ OPT students. Adex is a medical staffing company seeking  qualified nursing students to join their green card program.

This is a full-time,contract job offer. You will be placed in a US hospital for the time period of your contract AND they cover all legal expenses! you do not pay a dime! You will be given a work authorization card AND a green card!

Minimum requirement is a BSN in Nursing or about to receive your BSN in Nursing. Have passed the NCLEX-RN Exam or about to take it. Clinical Experience, ability to communicate in English and a US nursing license.

Here is the link :’l/jobs OR’l/jobs/Immigration-Sponsorship-or-Opt-Foreign-Student-e384f568cc081115?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEvQ4zxZuhl5BFQ1gI664U8OvLMBgUlQgIo8w-maP_0HBtY_3ghE-gn-CkmmEZ69vXxVOczmdqdmxI8rCiJMN5cgZMOGHV-lpeZ_2e6Wt1gX_YBsx3EKf62-4WxukOlUtsTA





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