If you do not know by now that I love this school. bruhhhhhh! where have you been? To say I am excited to feature my alma mata is an understatement! So to be clear (because I had a  reader ask me about this before), I attended The University of Missouri in Columbia, USA. Also known as MIZZOU.


The University of Missouri has 4 branches: Missouri University of Science and Technology( in Rolla), UMKC (in Kansas city), UMSL( in St.Louis) and MIZZOU (in Columbia). The University of Missouri is a big college. MIZZOU is a divison-1 college. I bet you did not know this (that’s why am here to tell you). A lot of celebrities, top athletes and successful business men and women graduated from MIZZOU. The list includes Brad Pitt, Sheryl Crow, NFL hall of famer Roger Wehrli and Jamimah Manning 🙂 just to name a few, the full list can be found here.

MIZZOU is known world wide for it’s  Journalism school or J-School.  It is one of the best in the country. Hands down! it is rigorous, challenging and only those who are not afraid of hard work can get into the program. People apply from all over the country and the world with hopes of getting into the J-school. The application process is strict. If you want to be a journalist why not learn from the best? More about the journalism school here:

My personal favorite is the School of Health Professions(SHP). As you all know, I have my Bachelors of Health Science in Health Sciences, from the SHP at MIZZOU. The School of Health Professions was a great experience for me  and very eye-opening. I learned about different majors and careers in the health field. I came to this country thinking the only medical/health career option for me was to become a medical doctor. After taking my Intro to Health Professions class, I realized there was so much more I could do.

This year the SHP is  launching their new public health degree for undergraduate majors! If you are planning to join the health care field, I recommend you take a glance at it. It can not hurt to look.  Public health is such an important part of the health and medical field. Public health practitioners come up with innovative ways and techniques tested through science to prevent individuals and communities from falling sick, reduce epidemics and avoid deadly ailments. More on the public health major:

There are many other amazing departments like Engneering and Music. MIZZOU offers over 300 degree programs! there has to be something for you here:

I can not end this, without talking about the big racial incident that occurred against black students at MIZZOU. I will say that the racist individuals who acted out of hateful intentions, do not represent the majority of the school. Since then, MIZZOU has put active committees in place to ensure that black students and other students of color feel safe, heard and appreciated.






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