Know your important documents (2)

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Continuing from the previous article, I  had a few things I wanted to touch on before moving to the next topic.

SEVIS ID number:

This is for students. SEVIS means Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It is a means by which the US government maintains up to date information on international students (F and M visa) and Exchange (J visa) visitors. Your sevis number is found on your form I-20. The sevis fee is $200. Lol yes, you pay the government to track you. You should take the receipt from your sevis fee payment to your visa interview. Your sevis reciept will be mailed to you, this is what it may look like:



I-94 FORM:

This is the form you fill on the plane when you are about to arrive the US. The flight attendants usually pass it out 30 minutes to an hour before you land. This form proves that you entered into to country legally. You need this form for life outside school. Keep this form always stapled in your passport or in a safe place. Even though this is a long form, the airport officials will tear out a section and hand it back to you.



Social Security Card:

Once you apply and get your SSN (as a foreigner you might only be given a SSN if you have a job), DO NOT KEEP IT IN YOUR WALLET.  The officials even advise you not too. The reason is that SSN/card is one of the most sensitive documents, if not the most sensitive document in America. Almost everything is attached to your SSN. You do not want that getting into the wrong hands. Even if your wallet got stolen (hopefully not) at least your identity will not be stolen. Of course, if your social security card is stolen make sure you report it to the nearest police station IMMEDIATELY.



Bank Statement:

When you order your bank statement from your primary banking institution, DO NOT open it. Take it to your visa interview un-opened. People get denied visas for opening it. Also DO NOT ask your bank to send/fax your statement to the embassy. They want you to bring hard copy, in person, unopened.


Other important documents include your letter of admission, birth certificate (and your children’s, if you have kids), marriage certificate, job offer lette , professional license and/or letter of partnership for business deal you are traveling for.Personally, I usually recommend organizing and labeling everything in a file that is easy to operate and easy to identify. like this one:



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