You are tired. Exhausted from trying

You have knocked on every door possible

You have taken every opportunity in sight, still nothing. Empty.

If you quit now no one will blame you

You are not weak, no you are not

You are clothed in strength, some kind of faith that keeps trying

Tired, knocked down, knocked out, but still trying

Just one, one opportunity. You need just one breakthrough

To prove to yourself and others, the haters and doubters, that your sacrifice was not in vain

You start to think that something is wrong with you

You start to believe you are a problem

You  let doubt get comfortable in your heart

You compare your hardship to the contrast of your prosperous dreams

How does everyone else have it all together?

How is it that people you started with have moved further than you have?

When will you ever make it?

These questions burn in your heart through out the night

When the sun shines on a new day you look out the window in dread, pain.

Pain because your heart is hurting

Hurting and mourning a dream that is dying

The worst part? You will save it if you knew how

Heaven knows you are trying but nothing is working

Beloved look up!

If you give up now then what?

If you throw in the towel now, then what?

Look up! not around you, not ahead of you, not behind you

Look up!

Look up, because that’s where your help comes from

Look up, the ONLY good thing about being down, is moving up

Look up dear friend, your story is not over yet.






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