It is a Wednesday fellow humans! happy hump day! So I am tremendously excited about Thursday. Why? because I go on vacation on Friday!!! It’s actually going to be a stay-cation but nonetheless, I get to take a break from work. While you are over there being jealous, let me introduce the college feature for this week.

*Drum roll please*  Ladies and Gentlemen, Emporia State University! Emporia State University (ESU) has a ton of goodies to offer! I am not kidding. ESU is located in Emporia city in the state of Kansas. ESU is a public government school and the oldest public school  (for higher education) in the state of Kansas. That means they are well experienced. I have met several Emporia graduates who constantly praise their school,  after reading this I am sure you will know why.


Some quick facts about Emporia State University: In the 1950’s ESU began opening it’s doors to international students. It was recently named the “Safest Campus in Kansas” by the FBI. In 2016 Emporia won a contest held by USA Today for having the best main street in the entire USA!

From personal experience, I can tell you that their Director of International Admissions, Brian, is extremely pleasant and very helpful. Very passionate about international students, so if you do decide to go here you will be in good hands.

The School has over 80 courses to study. Their Business school has an AACSB accreditation. AACSB accredited schools have top quality faculty, a curriculum that keeps the students on their toes and career opportunities for students once they graduate.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are some of the other majors international students study for their undergraduate degree at ESU. Why? Undergraduates who complete these degrees at ESU have an outstanding chance of admission into famous graduate and professional programs. ESU can boast that their graduates in these majors, land great paying jobs within a couple months, post graduation.

Most schools focus mainly on business and the sciences but not Emporia State University. They have inclusive and exciting programs for those who are talented in the Arts. ESU is one of the few colleges in the USA that offer glass-blowing as a major and is the only university in the USA that offers engraving arts as a major.

Other majors I was intrigued  by was their psychology and nursing programs. Very interesting programs!

Here comes the cherry on the top. As international students we know how expensive education in America is, ESU knows that as well. They give out scholarships and offer as much finial aid as possible to international students. Also their location makes it perfect for lower cost of living, tuition and fees. They were recently recognized as one of the U.S. based universities that give the most financial assistance to international students.

One of the things that impressed me most about this school is how diversity is represented through out their website. Do not let your day end with out checking them out


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