Currently blogging and dancing to ‘dare’ by Shakira. Not working, had to pause it to give you my full attention. You should feel special!:P

So let me guess you were excited for summer, you could not wait for the semester to be over. No tests, no assignments, no teachers. Just time for you to “chill”.  After 2 weeks of summer break you realize how excruciatingly boring summer can be.  No summer job, no car, no driver’s license, you are broke and you don’t really have friends. Oh hi! welcome to my life a few years ago.  Well, the good new is, you will not die of boredom. The bad news is, you have to entertain yourself. Yep, you gotta put in some effort.

You can not spend all your days watching Youtube videos and movies on Netflix! There is more to life than playing videos games all day and feeling sorry for yourself. Luckily I have a few tricks:

  1. WAKE UP EARLY:Unknown This is solely personal preference. I usually wake up around 4:30/5 am. I love to start my day early. There is just something about getting up before the noise and spending time with myself (while drinking a cup of tea and journaling). It makes me feel happy and relaxed. Sometimes on  the balcony, I watch the sun rise, so beautiful.
  2. PLAN?: I HATE being idle. If I have nothing to do I get irritated. So I have an idea of what I want to do everyday.  Summer days are more laid back. My to-do list usually: tidy my closet, laundry,organize my dresser, clean the fridge, message a friend, plan a Skype date with a long distance buddy.
  3. READ: Reading helps your brain. Read books that you enjoy. Personally am a romantic novel kinda gal. But the older I have get, I realize life is not all about romance (how terrible). I keep inspirational books in my personal library, to encourage and motivate me.IMG_3898
  4. JOURNAL: If you have not noticed by now, this girl loves to write! I journal everyday.  When I spend time with my God, I take my cute journal to express how I feel but also write what I hear him say to me. I also like to brainstorm on how I can be a better person.I love it!
  5. WORKOUT: A dancer, runner and can’t keep still kinda person. That’s me! Grab a yoga mat or go for a run, learn a new dance routine or challenge your body by biking or kayaking.  Go to the park and play some basketball, football or soccer. Excerise improves your overall mood and makes you look good!

    Jamimah about to go for a run
  6. TRY NEW THINGS: Google or go on your parks and recreation website to find cheap things to do in the area. Have you taken yourself on a picnic lately?When was the last time you cooked new dishes? movie in the park? roller skating?
  7. PERFECT YOUR CRAFT: You want to be a singer, dancer, writer, speaker. No better time to practice than now. DISCIPLINE yourself. Watch documentaries, read. Currently I am watching The Truth about Vaccines. it is so good!


I know 3 months can be a long time, but who said it has to be boring?


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