Dear Migrant,

I know things are not quite shaping out the way you expected. Some challenges have scared you straight to the core. You have doubted yourself and even questioned your best efforts and intentions. Things are not adding up the way they should. You do not know where your next help is coming from. Maybe you are homeless right now, or just  broke. No idea where your next meal or money to pay your next bill will come from.

Dear Migrant, I know this is a tough challenge to ask of you but be grateful. Not because things are not working out. No, be grateful that things are not worse. I am sure you are probably wondering if things could get any worse, the answer is a resounding YES.  I have been at my lowest point. Barely able to feed myself, no where to live, past due on bills. It is not a fun place to be.

Be grateful for life, for someone who understands. Be grateful that this is just a journey you are passing through and greater things are waiting ahead of you. Trust me, I have been there. Gratitude makes the journey a lot less painful and provides hope. Hope we all need.


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