Yes yes, I know I missed yesterday’s college feature. Usually I try to do this on Wednesdays, but I was still researching this school. However, today we are back on track!

I feel like Park University is one of those schools you ask yourself, “how come I never heard about this?” It is not just great for education, the location is great and students I have spoken to, seem really happy studying there.

Park University is a private school. It is  located in Parksville town in the state of Missouri. The campus is located in a suburban setting which makes the students feel safe and at home. I really want to focus on and highlight the efforts this college makes in ensuring that the cost of attendance is affordable.


If you desire to study in America, but your financial situation is not supporting that dream, I recommend giving a good look at Park University. They have over 40 majors for undergraduate studies and over 16 majors for Master’s. For more information on their degree programs: Park University is a small college  however, they offer great opportunities.

Their cost of tuition + housing + fees per year is between $19,000-$22,000 (of course you will save more if you live off campus) for international students. This may sound like a lot but do not let this deter you. Their range of scholarships will help. Please note these scholarships below are for full-time  international students (12 credits or more per semester):

1.Fides et labor scholarship: Covers full room and board. The scholarship is based on application, high school GPA, letter of recommendation and essay.

2.Founder’s scholarship: requires  3.5-4.0 high school GPA, no scholarship application needed. Award is $5,000 per year.

3.Hundley-volker scholarship: 3.25-3.49 high school GPA,no scholarship application needed. Award is $2,500 per year.

4.Pirate scholarship: 2.75-3.24 high school GPA,no scholarship application needed. Award is $2,000 per year.

5.  University work study: In addition to receiving ANY one of the above scholarships you can also receive a university work study (after your first year) and earn up to $4,500 per academic year.

I know that understanding the GPA system maybe difficult, especially if you come from a country that grades differently. Not to worry. If you would like to know the American GPA equivalent of your grades, I recommend sending an email. Email someone in the international admissions office with your questions and I am sure the will be more than willing to help.

For more information on Park University. Visit their website:


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