Tuesday has come upon us humans! Another Tuesday another dollar eh? FYI: I only blog Monday thru Thursday for now. I am learning to balance married life and its demands, a very awesome but demanding career, my business, blog, podcast called christianity on my level ( AND remembering to breathe 🙂 BUT I believe God will never put more on my plate than I can handle. If he believes I can do it, I believe it too!

When I was a young girl I wanted to be a doctor. As I grew older I wanted something different. You See, I wanted to help people, I wanted to “save” people. Make their lives better because I was in it. That has always been my desire. When I  realized I was going to change my major and  unsure of what I wanted to be, I was TERRIFIED, SCARED felt like a failure!


So how did I end up choosing a major and loving it?

  1. STAY TRUE TO YOUR PASSION: A lot of times we know what we want but we are scared that society may not be okay with it. We are scared of peoples opinions. Parents, siblings, boyfriend, girlfriend etc etc. However, the truth is you have a passion for that thing because it gives you purpose. You deny/ hide it, you push away your purpose and you feel unfulfilled.
  2. DO NOT BE AFRAID: Oh but you WILL mess up! you might make wrong choices. It is life, it is how we learn. If you let the fear of making a mistake or people’s views  stop you from even trying, you will never know. I wonder if you will regret not trying when you turn 80 and are thinking back on your life.
  3. CREATE A NICHE: So your passion may start out basic but you have a niche. Build it, master it, love it! No need to work at some job for the money. Once you find your passion and niche, you can create revenue e.g bloggers, you tubers, personal trainers. They found their niche, work hard and make money!
  4. GROW: With growth comes learning new things and being flexible. Be open to different concepts and ideas. If you have no idea what you want to study, start by exploring what you like to do. Can you see yourself doing it 8 hours a day for a year or your whole life?
  5. HAVE SOME FAITH IN YOURSELF: You are smart! you have greatness in you. Just because you do not see it now doesn’t mean it is not there. No dream of yours is too big. You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself! You are not a mistake or a failure. Someone in the world is counting on you to follow your passion and make a difference.




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