The Stress Factor

It is a cool  night (well let me restructure that, I am in a cool house on a warm night.) I am binge watching a love medieval show, of course. So interesting! love is so complex yet so divine.  Is it not? but well it brings it’s own side of stress.

STRESS. That word. People say “oh don’t stress”. “Oh do not worry” blah blah blah. As a christain I will be the first to agree with the “do not stress” idea. However, what I have a problem with is not addressing one’s concern. How will you tell someone not to be concerned when they are about to loose their visa status? or not to be concerned when they are about to face eviction? how do you tell me not to be concerned when I am about to be kicked out of school because I can not afford to pay my tuition? It is good and even helpful to acknowledge a concern about an issue. It becomes problematic however, when the thought of that issue becomes consuming.

STRESS. Sometimes I am not consciously aware when I am stressing. Moving to America and my early years here, made me think that immense stress and the feeling of hopelessness was all that I had to look forward to. The level of stress a regular American faces can’t be compared to the level of stress a migrant, immigrant or refugee faces. The stress of trying to navigate a new culture, making sense of your identity and feeling almost defeated constantly is heavy!

So when I find myself  about to stress, whether it relates to a relationship or a job or life, I remind myself why I do not need to stress:

  1. It is bad for my health: I hate being sick. Stress makes me physically and emotionally sick. I tend to gain weight from worrying (because am either eating junk or not eating at all).  Stress weakens me. I feel physically weak and helpless.
  2. I have no control over it: I remind myself that if I could change my situation by now I will. The saying do your best and leave the rest is all so true. At the end of the day, things will fall in place just the right way.
  3. Trust in God: For me my faith is everything. I have to believe in a higher power or else I will loose my good mind. I believe that God has a plan that works out for my good. I may not understand it, I may not see it in the moment but it doesn’t change the fact that it is true.

If for one reason I fight the desire to stress, it is for my  sanity of mind. Because you see, stress can steal my joy but nothing is allowed to take my peace.


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