Trauma is a severly stressful and unpleasant experience a person goes through.It could be emotional, mental or physical. Many people have different ways of dealing with Trauma. In most countries, like mine, trauma is not talked about. I think thats horrible!

We have ALL gone through experiences in life that are not just stressful but have cost us alot. Some more than others. Examples of Trauma: breaking up with a lover, loosing a loved one, eviction from your house, being fired from your job, domestic violence, sexual assault, jail time. etc.

How you handle trauma affects how you see and handle life. If you have unresolved trauma in your life, try to make peace with it so you can enjoy the rest of your life.

You move to America with hopes to start a new life, make something good. Hopefully make it to the “American dream” but the biggest thing that will hold you back is your attitude. We have a way of recreating ourselves post trauma. We use our scars to build these huge walls to protect ourselves. While that is understandable, at some point those walls begin to hurt us.

I have had many traumatic incidents in my life. Some led to depression and others lead to self- denial. Once I realized the walls I built were hurting not helping me, I decided to take drastic measure:

  1. ACCEPT IT: When unpleasant things happen, I tend to avoid talking about or acknowledging it. Unfortunately, that does not make it go away. It does not change what happened. I really believe that accepting, is the first step to handle trauma. Accepting it doesn’t mean agreeing or supporting the incident. Accepting it means acknowledging it happened and deciding to move forward.
  2. FIND AN OUTLET: It is easy to loose yourself when a traumatic event takes place. To get back in touch with who you are and even “like” yourself again, find an outlet. An outlet to express yourself and release some of the anger or hurt. Mine has always been dancing.
  3. DEFINE YOU: The incident has past, but you are here. You are in this moment Take charge of the situation and define the new you. Yes it happened, yes it is unfortunate but that is not the end of your story. You hold the pen, write a great story.  A great story of your life.
  4. GET SUPPORT: Link up with a  good support system. Friends, family, religious groups or even support groups.People who will encourage you on this new path. Who will be there on the slow and unpleasant days. Remember no man is an island.

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