Life in America taught me..

Its 8:57pm on this beautiful Thursday night and I just came back from working out. Today I did pole, I love pole fitness. If you do not know what it is, google it, it is fun! A lot of people think pole fitness is dancing like a stripper but it is very far from that. It entails A LOT of upper body and core strength. I am so exhausted from tonight’s workout but completely happy!

I am off work tomorrow! YAYYYY! but I have a lot to do: record a podcast, write, prepare for a presentation, take the car to the mechanic’s, cook. lol not so “off” after all. But that’s the American life.

America forced me to be independent.  My experiences here made me bolder and unapologetically outspoken about certain things. There is no time to be “lagging” behind or acting lackadaisical. American lifestyle keeps you on your toes. Get things done ASAP. In America no one  will “baby” you. Even when I am sick, I have to find the strength to make my own soup or take my medication. Unlike back home where people in your community will stop by and check on you or even a house help will do the cooking and other chores for you.

I think that is why most women, who move to America scare most men back home a little bit.We know what we want, ain’t afraid to ask for it and we are not depending on a man for anything. I guess that somehow makes the men feel not needed and easily replaceable? lol . Life in America as a migrant is so challenging that it is empowering. It is a choice though, to see the positive in the struggles and turmoil.

Living in America has made me more confident. Back home the career choices were very narrow. Here, there are so many and I even get to create my ideal career, completely different from what is out there, without looking weird. Also the confidence in the sense that there are so many easily accessible recreational activities that challenge me to be better and I make those changes in all the areas of my life.

Life in America has also taught me to be aware. Aware of who I am, aware of how I am perceived and aware of my potential. One of my favorite saying is ” the good thing about being down is there is no where else to go but up.” There are so many things I went through, I thought I was never going to ,make it out! But I am still here all thanks to God. Challenges force you to think and tap into a potential you never knew you even had. Life in America for us migrants is full of challenges. That means we are  filled with enormous potential!

Good night fellow humans! I shall write to you again on Monday! :*


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