America’s July

Hey guys!!!

We made it to July!! YAY. Happy new month folks! May this month be the best month yet! So there’s a lot to talk about and catch up on. I am excited because  much needed improvements will be made on the blog soon and I can not wait for you guys to see it! Also some topics I have been eager to share with you all, are nicely coming together! There will  be new additions and features to the blog too, so make sure you keep coming back! share the links with your friends and family and even follow the blog to get all the great stuff. I am SO EXCITED! The blog is getting a face lift. A special thank you to all  readers and followers. You are very much appreciated.

So what is  special about July & America? Well, tomorrow, July 4th will be the celebration of the American declaration of  Independence. Man! America is old, like older than dirt. LOL. Personally, I like and praise how far America as a nation has come. They are celebrating their 241st  independence! However, America has a lot of room for improvements.  In areas pertaining to racism and gender equality.


I personally think it unfair, when people compare their countries to America. I do understand that America is a great nation, greatness ought to be inspiring. Let us not forget though, it took them hundreds of  years to get here. They did not become this great overnight. Also, let us not forget that they did kill and enslave a lot of people, deprived people of their rights,  arguably started and instigated wars to their advantage. No country is perfect, so before we start looking down on and disregarding our own countries, let us appreciate the little strides we have made.

The America that we all celebrate, is here today because of sacrifices. A lot of people died for this country. Willingly or unwillingly. One of the things that make America great is the patriotism of it’s citizens. They have so much pride and respect for their country and flag and most are willing to do whatever it takes to defend it.

As the whole world looks to America in a couple of hours to celebrate her Independence, let us learn the positive: it is possible for any nation or person to become great. Let us also remember that we are ALL human, EQUAL. No matter the race, nationality, gender, religious belief or sexual orientation and the only way any country can move forward is through unity. May the ‘United’ in the United States of America stay strong for the advancement of all it’s people.



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