HAPPY 4th….or not?

Happy 4th y’all!! Its America’s big day!  If you are a foreigner in this country, holidays might make you feel a little bit more home sick. My first celebration of the 4th was “bleh”. I did not want to do anything. I did not want to go anywhere or be with anyone! I was terribly home sick. I still feel that way sometimes.

Today though, I am heading over to my grandmother in law’s house with my husband to meet up his family and enjoy a good time, barbecued food and some sun.  Not to forget of course the fire works! But there is a little problem. I do not want to leave my house lol. I am secretly stalling so I don’t have to go anywhere. I do love my husband’s family they are all amazing, but on days like this I do feel homesick.

Good thing I know how to fix it! If you are at home, or in your dorm or just bored today (especially if this is your first 4th celebration), No more! I have quick tips that will help you feel less gloomy :


  1. JOIN THE SPIRIT: There’s  celebration  in the air, so join in! Put on your red, white and blue outfit and hang out with your friends. Post pictures of you enjoying your 4th of July celebration on social media and even send pictures to your family back home. Be sure to make silly videos you can laugh at later, don’t forget to call/ text your American friends to wish them a happy 4th!
  2. JOIN THE PARTY: If you have been invited to a barbecue, go! if you were not invited to any and you know someone having a barbecue, ask to join in BUT offer to bring snacks or some kind of dessert. The celebration is better when you are surrounded by good food and people!
  3. EAT AND BE MERRY: Try new American dishes! Get out of your comfort zone for a little bit. If there are games at the barbecue/event you are attending, participate in them! Get to know other people. Make friends!
  4. STAY AWAY FROM TROUBLE: The “PO-PO” will be out on duty, so PLEASE make sure you are NOT drinking and driving or texting or not wearing your seatbelt. Also if you are at an event and there is a hint that a fight or some kind of foolishness is about to go down, do yourself a favor and LEAVE.
  5. LIVE IN THE MOMENT: Yeah, you got bills to pay. Yeah, you have to go to work tomorrow. Yeah, your dog has diarrhea. We all have stuff to worry about but you will never get back July 4th,2017 again. So enjoy it! tomorrow will worry about itself!
  6. MAKE SURE YOU GO WATCH THE FIREWORKS! That is my favorite part of the whole celebration!

Have a SAFE celebration y’all and Happy 4th!



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