My experience living in a VERY small American town

I woke up today reminiscing, thinking about my many “adventures.” Most times I laughed as I remembered, shaking my head at my audacity. But there were a few ” What was I thinking” and “I can not believe I did that” moments.  Before I moved to America, I thought everywhere looked like the movies. Fancy cities, bright lights, taxis and sky-scrappers. I was wrong.

Post graduating college, I was desperately looking for a job.  Finally, I got a job. In a small town. The lady who hired me kept asking me “Are you sure you can live in a small town?” She said “It is nothing like the city.” But as a migrant with deadlines on my documents, in need of money and seeking to use my OPT, I assured her I will be fine. I thought to myself, how different can it be?


Until I arrived. The town was so small that if you blinked too fast you will miss it! it had 500 people AND I was the only non-white person living in the town. The nearest Walmart was about an hour away, driving! There were no gyms or trails in that town. The closest gym was 19 miles away, in another town.  There was one and a half restaurant and  Mcdonald’s wasn’t even there! I was shocked.

The town had a very old feel to it. Almost everyone in that town was a farmer, so the houses were miles apart and the fields took up majority of the land. Tractors drove on the streets and gas prices were extremely high. Not what I expected.

I did however, enjoy a few things. The people were extremely kind and very nice, very welcoming. People baked pies and stopped by to welcome you. I also liked the peace and quiet of the small town. I liked that at night it was so beautiful, it was peach black, you could see the stars and everything was laid back. I enjoyed watching the community, they truly cared for and supported one another.

But, the small town life was not for me. As soon as I could, I transferred back to the city.  All in all, It was an experience I will not be eager to repeat.


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