The hassle of dating outside your culture..cont’d


Excited to continue from yesterday’s topic!The hassle of dating outside your culture. Dating can be very exciting! However the joys can be cut abruptly if your parents/ loved ones are not in support of the relationship. Wait! before you start crying, get upset or end your relationship (from experience) you may find these helpful:

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: Don’t just accept anyone that walks your way. Have some standards. Character is extremely important! Does the character trait of this person meet what you are looking for? if yes, good. if no, move along. Save yourself unnecesary drama.
  2. BE ON THE SAME PAGE: You have been seeing each other regualry, please do not assume! Do not assume he/she wants the same things as you. It is always good to clarify the other person’s expectations of the relationship. If their expectations do not match yours, it’s okay to move along, alone.
  3. COMMUNICATE WITH  YOUR PARENTS:  Really listen to the concerns your parents have about dating outside your culture. Don’t be in a rush to prove your point, just listen and understand. Do not persuade your parents about someone until you are serious about the person and relationship.
  4. GIVE YOUR PARENTS TIME: Parents need time to get used to the idea, especially if it’s going against their norm. There is no set timeline for parents. Some might be okay in a month and others my take longer. Be patient.
  5. BE RESPECTFUL: At the end of the day your parents are STILL your parents. You may not agree with them but you must be respectful. No cussing at your parents. Also, If your partner can not respect your parents, he/she definitely will not respect you.
  6. WORK ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Assuming the goal is to build a future together, the best thing to do while waiting for your parents to come around is to work on your relationship. This tension can either make or break your bond. Anything that is going to last, needs to be worked on. So take your focus off your parents and use that energy to build a strong lasting bond.

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