How to have a healthy relationship with your parent(s)

Parents, gotta love them. They can be wonderful one minute and annoying the next. As  migrants, sometimes the relationship with our parents can be difficult. They insist on cultural practices that are not beneficial in our new enviroment. Because our ways of thinking has changed, due to living in a different culture, it can create some tension.


Of course there will be little friction every once in a while but having a healthy relationship with your parent(s) is always good. If you are a migrant and the relationship with your parent(s) is struggling, have no fear, Jamimah is here! These are some basic reminders to get you back on track.

  1. RESPECT:  Respect is everything.We need to respect our parents even if we do not agree with them. Respect them for the sacrifices they made, for the challenges they go through but mostly respect them because they birthed us.
  2.  IMPERFECT: They are not perfect. Don’t compare them to others. Truth is, parenting is hard. There is no manual for it. Parents make mistakes and by the time they get it right,we are already grown.  Choose not to harbor the actions done by their imperfections.
  3. APPRECIATE: Appreciate their efforts. Most parents do what they do because they want the best for their children. It may not appear that way and they may seem harsh and mean but they truly want their kids to be successful. If anything, appreciate the fact that they even care.
  4. THANKFUL: Parents may not be the best providers or the best people in the world but, there is always something to be thankful to them for. No matter how small, they have contributed to who you are today. Even if you have to look REALLY hard to find something to be thankful for, find it.
  5. GET TO KNOW THEM: People change every few years. It’s important that you keep your relationship with your parents evolving. Spending time, talking to or visiting them builds a nice bond. It gives an insight to who they are and also reveals a little bit of who you are.




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