Dealing with sibling rivalry..cont’d

Happy Monday y’all! hope your weekend was nice? Seems the older I get the shorter the weekends are. Is it just me? Growing up was a trap! lol


We left off last week, in the parent-child relationship series, addressing sibling rivalry.  We already looked at roles parents play. How it can be a frustrating and painful experience, but how do you deal with it?  If you are the one who is constantly being compared to other siblings, this one is for you:

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR EMOTIONS:  If you are at a point where you are frustrated at or don’t like your sibling(s), Identify why. Is it because they are “perfect” in the eyes of others, Is it because you get compared to them all the time or is it because they do things to intentionally hurt your feelings. It can be one or all of these (and more). Understanding  your emotions teaches you about yourself and the situation.
  2. KNOW YOUR WORTH:  No need to be jealous or envious of your sibling(s). You are unique. You are NOT supposed to be exactly like your sibling(s). Know that you are valuable. You are special beyond measure! You are not perfect but you are needed in this world. You have gifts and talents that can only be offered with your character and swag. You are different and that is perfect!
  3. LEARN YOURSELF: This will require some soul searching. Define yourself through the lenses of your likes, dislikes, aspirations and goals. Understand and evaluate your reasoning behind your actions. Meet positive exceptions with your authenticity. Realize you are a blessing not a curse. Your shortcomings are only there to magnify your strengths.
  4. CELEBRATE SIBLING(S): Celebrating them solidifies your differences. Who knows? you might find out they are not as perfect as you think! They maybe nicer than you think. Remember this: their strengths do not diminish your strengths or value.

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