Then came fear and worry…

Over this past weekend I had one of my friend’s visit me from out of town. It was awesome to catch up,cook together and try new recipes. We made stir fried tofu with red/purple cabbage seasoned with: garlic,ginger,onions,barbecue sauce, onion powder,garlic powder,black pepper and salt. It was so good!!! We ate it with some lightly fried plantain.YUM..

But I noticed my dear friend had something on her mind. As we continued to talk she told me about Trump’s decision to minimize immigrants and migrants and how that affects those in the military. She has a loved one who signed up to be in the military and is in a limbo because as an immigrant, he has yet to be called to service. She is scared. She is scared because this affects his status as an F1 student. Will he be considered out of status? What will happen to their relationship? What will happen to his education?

It is really sad to see how this whole anti-migrant campaign really affects families and real relationships. Unfortunately this is not the first story I am hearing about. Families and loved ones at the brink of being torn apart.

The normal reaction is to feel some kind of fear and even panic. It’s normal to feel the paws of worry weigh heavy in your mind and doubt trickle down the path to your heart. Some people have spent years building a life in this country and other’s only have been here a few months starting out a new life. Its concerning to have that stripped away.

I don’t have the answers to any of this. But, I know that in the mean time before the court makes a final decision, we can’t let worry reduce us to nothing. We can’t let worry and fear keep us from fully exploring. We can’t be so scared of the future we forget to live in the present.

Keep hope and faith alive. Do not let dreams die. I truly believe somehow, someway, life will turn out in our favor.


i love this quote from:

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