Tomorrow is Valentine’s day! We celebrate love and love the people we celebrate. Just FYI valentine’s day is not just for couples! Single people SHOULD enjoy valentine’s day too! Being single is not a disease or a bad thing. A season of singleness doesn’t mean  you will be single forever. It is better to be single than be with the wrong man/ woman or be with a person that makes life a living hell. It is so wonderful to have someone to love and care for but it is better to learn to love and care for yourself first.

Here’s the hard truth. Relationships are hard work and investment. It is being vulnerable and trusting. Good relationships go beyond selfies and hand holding. We have been lied to that relationships are perfect and always romantic. They are not. Daily saying NO to your selfish needs and putting the other persons needs first is not always fun. I am learning that “the two shall become one” is much faster to type out than unfolding in real life. True love is so beautiful and powerful but it is not always convenient.

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But let’s talk about valentine’s day gifts. I feel like there is unnecessary pressure sometimes on the gifts we exchange. That sucks! Because people like me who are not big on receiving gifts feel some type of way. See, my main love language is NOT gifts. My love language is 50% Quality time, 10% acts of service, 15% words of affirmation, 20% physical touch and 5% gifts. My idea of the perfect valentines day has to cover my 3 main love languages.

What is your love language? What is your babe’s  love language? There are 5 love languages:

  1. Quality time: displaying affection by giving your undivided and undistracted attention. Your eyes, ears and heart on them.
  2. Acts of service: Using actions to showcase  your affection. It could be little things like doing the dishes, cooking,sorting the laundry or a massage after a long day.
  3. Gifts: Using gifts as a means to declare your affection.
  4. Physical Touch:  Expressing affection through physical touch. Hugs, kisses, cuddling.
  5. Words of affirmations: Declaring affection by the words you speak and what you believe about the person. Like praise or appreciation.

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