American vs African Christianity (2)

Cont’d from yesterday’s blog.

So here I am in America. In “God’s own country” and the first thing I noticed is that Americans don’t pray like we do! They don’t pray against poverty or witches in the village. In fact very rarely do I hear them speaking in tongues or fasting 72,000 times a year like we do!

Another shocker! People regularly work on Sundays! I remember a time I worked retail and I was scheduled to work on a sunday morning, I felt like such a sinner! LOL. I felt like I was going straight to hell. Luckily my boss understood and scheduled me to work sunday evenings from that day forward. What about the dress code? I nearly fell over in shock when I saw people wearing flip-flops and shorts to church! People dressing casually, so casual they were in their pj’s!

You're invited to an (15)

Church is strictly on time! Church starts on time and ends on time! People FLEE to the door right after service, there is hardly any “leaders” meeting after church or any reason to linger more than 5 minutes. There usually is only one time when you give money. The tithes and offerings are collected at the same time. There is no “thanksgiving sunday”, very very little “anointing services” and EXTREMELY RARE “all night” services. After service NO ONE is inviting you to their house to come eat chicken! The most you might get invited to is a restaurant (where you pay for your own meal)

But the part that interests me the most is when filing taxes! Like most of you know tax session is here! Please make sure you file your taxes (EVEN IF YOU ARE A STUDENT). I was pleasantly surprised a few years ago when I found out I could claim my tithes, offering and every dollar I have given to donations back on my taxes! So basically I got the money back!

When we give money back home we never file taxes talk less of tax return! It made me start looking at people and organizations that are so in rush to go help ” dieing people in Africa.” Like, will you still be in a rush to give if you couldn’t claim the money back? All these mission trips to Africa.Mhmmm.

Do I prefer the American way of practicing christianity or the Nigerian way? Honestly, both have perks. I firmly believe in praying and fasting but I don’t believe in praying so much that your country is terribly corrupt. Faith without works is dead. Jesus is not going to come down from heaven and solve the country’s problems, we have to do it. On the other hand, I like that churches have a set start and stop time but I also like the spirit of God to move however he feels like. Low key, I feel some type of way claiming my tithes on my taxes. It feels like am collecting the money back from God. I don’t know, I am still undecided about that one sha.

What do you guys think? What are some differences between your religion in America vs in your home country?




2 Replies to “American vs African Christianity (2)”

  1. Okay so I’m enjoying this series. I literally have a Yankee/Naija excel sheet where I check off which I prefer on several parameters.
    Sooooo, the best part of today’s blog is discovering I get my tithes and offering back?!!! While I kind of feel guilty being happy about this discovery (as per ‘you gave it to the Lord for goodness sake’), i cannot lie that you have just made my day. Ha! Please do a blog on filing taxes on F1 people and how to maximize it. Thank you!

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    1. I love the idea of a spread sheet!!! whattttttttt! you have to share with us what you have found so far. I can’t wait to hear it! lol! Okay I will try my best to get it done if not this week, next week 🙂


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