Filing taxes for International students.

Good morning wonderful people!

Hope you are all doing well? This blog post is in response to a question on how to file taxes for F1 students from awesome blog reader, Amarchi! Filing taxes can be VERY daunting and scary but it doesn’t always have to be. Personally, I do not file my own taxes, call it the perks having accountants in my family 🙂


But, for F1 students especially it can be very confusing to know if you should file or not. Every international student has a unique experience in America. Due to that uniqueness, one size doesn’t fit all. I do pride myself in trying to be as honest and as transparent as possible. I do not want to intentionally give any kind of information that may be misleading. Therefore, I advice that if you are an international student and you do not know whether to file your taxes, go talk to the Non-Resident Alien Taxation Specialist at your school. Can’t find them? Start by asking your international advisor. If you want to double-check feel free to contact tax companies like H&R block or Turbo tax. For more information please visit this link It takes you directly to the information and exceptions on filing taxes!


Some general information though:

  1. If you work in America and make American dollars you are expected to file unless make below the tax pay cut off.
  2. Students may be exempt from filing for taxes. (There are exceptions for this)
  3. If you have been paying tithes, your church should have your statement. You can ask them for it when you decide to file.
  4. Last day to file is April 18th! (2 days after my birthday!!!)

I should also add some of  the misconceptions about filing taxes that I have fallen prey to:

  1. You always get money back: Not only is this not always true but sometimes you may actually owe the government money! 2 years ago a friend of mine found out after filing her taxes that she and her husband owed the government $4,000.
  2. You always get a chunk of money back: Sometimes you may get less than you expect. Some years ago I had filed my taxes and I was expecting $1,000 back, at least. BARE MINIMUM. I was judging on how much I received from my tax return the year prior. You know how much I got back? $160.00 I was so shockedddd LOL.

Hopefully these resources help 🙂 🙂






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