My deepest apologies!

Hey guys!

I know I have been MIA lately. I apologize for not communicating about the hiatus. But since you all are awesome I know I have been forgiven. 🙂 Hope you all are doing well?

I wanted to  share with you guys that I have NOT stopped blogging completely!  However, from now until (probably) beginning of fall semester, I will not be blogging. The main reason is that I want to write what you guys want to read.

I noticed that you all enjoyed it more when I talked about visas, taxes, Irs, opt and issues like that. So I want to go back to writing about that. I want to make sure that whatever I am writing is answering or addressing your needs.

That being said, I will be working hard  to provide more information to you all. I  still will feature your migration stories, so if you have a story feel free to share! Thank you to those who sent and to those who are still sending their stories! I will share them once we are up and running again!

If there are ANY topics you want me to work on or address during this time please let me know so I can better serve you! I am excited about the possibilities of this blog and I thank you all for your patience and support. Enjoy the nice spring weather and if any of  readers are in Florida let me know! I’ld be heading that way in a few weeks!

Thanks all!


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